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Multifunction Movable Stand for Fridge and Washing Machine

Multifunction Movable Stand for Fridge and Washing Machine
The Movable Stand for Washing Machine and Refrigerator is ideal especially for small homes, apartments and condo units. Place your washing machine, refrigerator, cabinet or even air-conditioner on this Multifunctional Movable Type Special Base. This space-saving solution lets you place an appliance in storage and lets you pull or push it easily to a convenient area when you need it.
Price (මිල) – LKR 2,000
Call for orders 0766697659 (Whatsapp / Viber)
• Maintains ventilation of the base of the objects, anti-moisture, anti-rust
• For easy moving and cleaning of objects
• Material: PA66, rubber universal wheels, metal zinc-plating tube
• Smooth and firm easy movement of heavy objects, adjustable dimension and convenient movement
• Ultra-strong rigidity, press resistance and anti-corrosion
• Height: 11cm
• Maximum load: 300Kg
• Maximum stretch: 56 x 56cm
* Cash On Delivery - (භාණ්ඩ ලැබුණු පසු මුදල් ගෙවන්න)
* Island wide delivery - (දිවයින පුරා බෙදැහැරීමේ සේවය.)
* Payments can be done through Ez cash or bank deposit as well -(Ez මුදල් හෝ බැංකු තැන්පතු හරහා ගෙවීම් කළ හැකිය)
Email - [email protected]
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