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Product details of Colorful Soft Plastic Ocean Ball
Colourful 50 Ocean Ball for Babies Kids Children.Great for filling any ball pit, tent, playhouse, kiddie pool, playpen and bouncer house.
Plastic blow molding, the middle inflatable, safe plastic non-toxic and tasteless, you can clean, hand pressure has a certain elasticity and is one of the children 's favorite toys. Can be used with other inflatable toys; Color and shape can stimulate vision and make children feel happy. Symphony wave ball forms a wide range of visual stimuli effect. In addition to providing a different tactile stimulation, the children also get a new sensory effect.

Item Type: Ocean,Swimming Pool, Play House Tent Balls
Form:Inflatable Round
Age: 3+
Color: Multicolour
Packing: 50 Pcs Nett Bag
Quantity: 50 Pcs Net Bag
Applicable age:3+
Size:dia 6.5cm
Colours may cause differences to the actual photo .

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